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drum fill

surgical tools... and some ether says:
you seem a bit deflated :P
Er þú þar niðri á þingi tekur þeim tak says:
i'm not a blow-up doll :P
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broom of love says:
if he comes round again: set fire to the rest of the house, and lock yerselves in the cellar playing the drums while the rest of it burns above you (Y)
packaging gaffe! says:
*laughs far too loudly for someone in a public library*
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Janeyferr - hometime soon yay :) says:
there was a nice letter in nme i think a while back from an exotic dancer slagging off kate moss trying to cash in on the burlesque thing cus he pole dancing is so unnatural and unsexy
burlesque... balls off! says:
mmm, 'burlesque' is just a way for bisexual feminists to justify going to strip joints
who is it


i'm not paying to cool the out of doors says:
watched the first half hour of 'dancer in the dark' and started to miss you :P
i never thought i would compromise says:
hehe :P
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who is it


tarachews: brown bass falls from your ass--what's the verdict?
the happy planet: s5paradox13: this kid at my nightschool claims to be a member
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